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Personal Injury

Successfully Litigating Personal Injury Cases

We believe in winning!

For all matters in personal injury law, defense and justice call SLG today.

Our injury and accident lawyers fight hard to get financial compensation to people injured because of other people’s negligence. We are dedicated to providing compassionate representation, and to obtaining maximum compensation. Our team of attorneys will:


• Make sure that your medical expenses are paid
• Fight for your lost wages, both past and future
• Obtain maximum compensation for your pain and suffering
• Battle the insurance companies to make sure you are treated fairly
• Be ready to take your case to trial if a fair settlement offer is not made
• Always be available to answer your questions and help in any way we can


Our lawyers have extensive experience and knowledge of the issues arising from injuries and accidents. We thoroughly analyze each accident to determine all potential sources of liability. We bring perseverance to each case, and do not hesitate to innovate if that’s the way to get results. Our job is not easy and takes dedication. Lawyers for insurance companies and big corporations are tough and experienced, you should have the very best attorneys looking out for you and protecting your interests as well. We will fight them hard and get the full compensation you deserve.

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